Centres for Health Project

  • We help people in changing their view of an illness and healing. There are many secrets of healing which we uncover to those who decide to find their new way towards health in our project. Guidance of a client is based on the ability of a client in taking over responsibility for his or her health and their active participation in the healing process. In case you accept our invitation to the project we are going to help you with the transition to your new way towards natural health and guide you for a certain period of time.


  • The healing process begins with balancing and clean-up of client's energy system which makes this project unique. The effect is particularly beneficial in marriages or couples, or the whole family, including children. This harmonization creates conditions which are desirable for subsequent natural removing of health problems of individual members of families. The energetic balancing is also important for mothers and their children because it allows them to heal their children on their own according to received instructions.


  • We also work within the project with thousands of years old way of healing which uses the power of a prayer and faith. This spiritual healing respects both physical body and soul. It does not need an assistance of any kind of chemicals, technical equipment and other artificial aids. The decision to include spiritual healing in the project was based on my own experience and consequently that of all advisers participating in the project.


  • The project has a broader understanding of holistic care. We are guiding our clients from their current dependence on modern medicine and chemical treatment towards complete independence and self-sufficiency in their healthcare and that of their under-aged children through gradual discovering of self-healing abilities.

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